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"How To Get Listings and Dominate Your Market
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"How I Went From New Immigrant and Homeschooling Mom of 3
 to #1 Local Agent In Less Than 2 Years"
Presenter: Alina Schumacher, Certified High-Performance Coach and Founder of World-Class Agent Academy
"Hey, I am Alina Schumacher and I coach Realtors how to dominate their market and become the #1 local Agent everyone refers. I do that using my proprietary Market Domination Plan, which enabled me to become the #1 REALTOR® in my market within 2 years of immigrating to Canada, while homeschooling my 3 children. 

That was 14 years ago ... and I'm very humbled and proud to say that through all the ups and downs of life and business, I've been able to consistently stay in the top 1% of all Agents in my province ... 

But even more importantly:  we were able to continue our homeschooling journey and all 3 of our Kids have since successfully graduated - 2 of them now happily married!

Because ... what would ALL the success in the world be worth ... if you were never home and had no time for your Family?

It's my passion to teach Agents how to achieve true success in this business and create an incredible lifestyle where Family comes first, and if that's you, this presentation could truly change your life!"

EXCLUSIVE Training With Alina Schumacher 
Where You Will Discover:
  • My Step By Step Market Domination Plan: The exact 10 action steps I would take if I had to start my business from scratch and the strategies I used to go from brand new immigrant and homeschooling Mom of 3 to becoming the #1 local Agent and dominating my market within less than 2 years. (Be ready to take lots of notes - I'm not holding anything back and this training is GOLD.)
  • How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant: What you must do if you want to strategically take over your market even though there already is an Agent dominating, and how to do that even if you're brand new to the business or new in town and nobody knows you yet.
  • The New Model: How to become the local authority on all things Real Estate, earn your community's trust and attract plenty of motivated prospects without having to spend a fortune on marketing and without any traditional prospecting!
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